Mini Body Pillows

How to Commission:
I am available for Twitch emotes, social media icons, mini body pillows and illustrations, chibis. Please contact me for a quote.
Subject: [Your name] Commission
In your email:
  • What kind of commission you want.
  • Your paypal email.
  • Any required references.
  • Due date for completion, if you have one.
  • If necessary, how you plan to use the artwork.
  • If necessary, what particular style of mine you'd like me to follow.
Once details are confirmed and payment has been received I will start your commission! :)
Please read the following information carefully:
Body Pillow commissions are for the artwork only and do not include the cost of the pillow in the initial commission. The pillow must be bought separately through my store. 
Pricing for custom Body Pillows work on a case by case basis depending on whether your pillow is a Public or Private design.
Cheaper rate. Designs will be left on my store after your commission is complete. Others will be able to buy this pillow after you. Let me know if you would like to remain an anonymous commissioner.
Pricier rate. Private designs will be posted on an anonymous listing which I will link to you once the artwork is complete and deleted after you have made your purchase. You may buy as many pillows as you like at this time!
I will discuss with you which category you fall under as I might not always be interested in reselling.
  • You may request Original Characters! Please have clear references for me. I will only offer these as Private designs.
  • You may request fandoms I'm not familiar with. Likely to be offered as Private designs.
  • You may request AU's of characters. If these are general popular AU's with no clear source (fandom hivemind) then go right ahead! If you are requesting an AU from a specific artist or fanfic please have permission from the creator before contacting me!
  • You may request characters in lingerie or fully clothed outfits. Detailed outfits will be simplified.
  • I will not draw real life persons outside of characters they play. i.e. Sherlock (yes!) vs Benedict Cumberbatch (no!)
If you have further questions please don't hesitate to ask!

All artwork credited to Kale de Wild, unless otherwise stated.