Griefer Belt

Griefer Belt is an ongoing webcomic following the life of a flamboyantly rich king pin and his luxurious criminal lifestyle in the heart of Montross City.

Along side the comic the main character has an active twitter account where he interacts with readers and posts selfies.

"Devilishly handsome business owner. Support your local business"

"Working. ."

Short Comics


At the time this comic was a way of dealing with depression. This quote from Vincent Van Gogh was comfort for me.

For Wheat is Wheat
CULU Comic icon.png

A diary comic of my experience's with fitness and self improvement, both mental and physical.

Chin Up! Level Up!
nonbinary comic moana 01.png

Auto bio comic with lyrics from Moana

A Comic about Dysphoria
hourly comics 2017 page 4.png

In 2017 Hourly Comic day took place on the day I went to the a concert for my favourite band.

Hourly Comics 2017
Become_The_Monster_Comic preview.png

One-shot auto bio

Become the Monster

NSFW Comic for my webcomic Griefer Belt. This was a patreon exclusive comic.

GRIEFER BELT || Pizza Night
LE Guest comic pg1 smoll.png

Long Exposure by Kam "Mars" Heyward

GUEST COMIC || Long Exposure 

First unsupervised t-shot, TW: Needles

First T-Shot
Alcatraz_Day UPLOAD.png

That day we spent in San Fran.

Comics about Quip: Alcatraz
Beetle_Eating_Quip UPLOAD.png

Just a funny voice call

Comics about Quip: Beetle


Long distance friendships and relationships be like


Mistakes_Ahegao UPLOAD.png

Ahegao faces.



some what the sequel to Ahegao faces.



Retelling of the Legend of Mauao.

Legend of Mauao


Extract comic from a larger story about cowboys

PECAN || Joenie and Pecan
RDR2 Pecan's scar 01.png

A comic about how Pecan got his scar.

PECAN || Pecan's Scar

Pecan_Wes_Shoot_Apple_Comic UPLOAD.png

Pecan and Wes plus a bit of dumb luck.

PECAN || Dumb Luck

Fan Comics

dbh convin comic thing 04.png

A comic about Connor projecting his romantic feelings.

DBH || Shared Between (Part 1)
KalesbugRA9zine Preview.png

A comic for  RA9 Charity Zine, about Chloe experiencing deviancy

DBH || RA9 :Charity Zine comic
DBH screaming robot.png

I have made a robot that screams parody comic.

DBH || Robot that screams
dbh feed yo connors.png

Not really a comic

DBH || Connor Tsumtsum
DBH Poll Comic pt1.png

Not really a comic but a thread of  sequential images that had interactive elements for readers

DBH || Interactive HankCon Thread

A pairing challenge of 30 prompts. 30 comics, featuring Castial and Dean from Supernatural.

SPN || 30 Day OTP Challenge

For Webcomics

OC Comics

All artwork credited to Kale de Wild, unless otherwise stated.