Griefer Belt is an ongoing webcomic following the life of a flamboyantly rich king pin and his luxurious criminal lifestyle in the heart of Montross City.
Griefer Belt is a LGBTQ black-comedy drama.
Contains violence, gore, foul language and sexual references.
Follow the Griefer Belt twitter account for updates. If you want a little more, there are two character twitter accounts that update periodically.

Pizza Night

“Pizza Night” is a non-canon off shoot from the webcomic Griefer Belt. An 18+ pizza party, just for fun! [Seong/Scott/Lars]

Pizza Night has previously been available through Patreon and in Print. A censored version is available for free online on Tapas. 
To read the uncensored version and download the full PDF please check out my patreon:

Short Comics

Ko Mauao Te Maunga
Retelling of the Legend of Mauao.
Dearest Reader
Finding company on the road.
Hair the Enemy
Pecan/Joe extract about shaving.
Long Exposure Guest Comic
Long Exposure by Mars
Hourly Comics '17
Hourly Comics day & Panic! at the Disco
For Wheat is Wheat
Personal Growth and VanGogh [shop link]



Kale de Wild

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