Griefer Belt is an ongoing webcomic following the life of a flamboyantly rich king pin and his luxurious criminal lifestyle in the heart of Montross City.
Griefer Belt is a LGBTQ black comedy series.
Contains violence, gore, foul language and sexual references.
Official Griefer Belt Webcomic account run by the creator.
Along side the comic a couple characters have interactive twitter accounts that update periodically.

Pizza Night

“Pizza Night” is a non-canon off shoot from the webcomic Griefer Belt. An 18+ pizza party, just for fun! [Seong/Scott/Lars]

Pizza Night has previously been available through Patreon and in Print. A censored version is available for free online on Tapas. 
To read the uncensored version and download the full PDF please check out my patreon:

Short Comics

Ko Mauao Te Maunga
Retelling of the Legend of Mauao.
Long Exposure Guest Comic
Long Exposure by Mars
Dearest Reader
Finding company on the road.
Hair the Enemy
Pecan/Joe extract about shaving.

All Comics

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All artwork credited to Kale de Wild, unless otherwise stated.