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Wander with Me

Joenie is a man cursed with immortality, and Pecan is the cowboy who fell in in love with a tragic man. Wander with Me is an artbook narrated by Pecan as he the recounts happy moments with the man he loves

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Bloody Bard Zines.png

Bloody Bard

Bloody Bard is a Witcher fan story.
Written by Grace Widow and Illustrated by Kale de Wild

52 pages of writing and full colour illustrations throughout. Finished with a beautiful soft touch cover.

Griefer Belt Variant Cover 1 _UPLOAD.png

Griefer Belt

Griefer Belt is an ongoing webcomic following the life of a flamboyantly rich king pin and his luxurious criminal lifestyle in the heart of Montross City.



Pizza Night

Pizza Night is a non-canon extract comic from my Webcomic Griefer Belt, with, Lars Scott and Seong spending a night together

Munchies Zine_UPLOAD.jpg

Midnight Munchies

Midnight Munchies ins a combination Art and Fiction zine about a couple of your favourites.
Featuring a short story written by Grace Widow and Illustrations by Kale de Wild.

Munchies Zine_2_UPLOAD.jpg
Midnight Munchies_03_UPLOAD.jpg
Midnight Munchies_05_UPLOAD.jpg

Griefer Belt Sketch Zine

Griefer Belt sketch zine collection contains a mix of old and new artworks from 2016-2020.

What If They Kissed

A Collection of illustrations from 2019-2020 of mine and my friends Gay Cowboy OC's (m/m, f/m)


What If They More Tan Kissed

A Collection of NSFW illustrations from 2019-2020 of mine and my friends Gay Cowboy OC's (m/m, f/m)


Paper Zines - Food That Love Each Other

Food that just works well together.

Food that love each other_UPLOAD.jpg

Paper Zines - Did You Know 2% of the World is Ginger (a zine not about gingers)

A zine about gender and intersex visibility.

Did You Know 2 The World is Ginger_UPLOAD.jpg
RAF_Cover Image_002.png

Roses are Falling

When Peter 'Pecan' Dowling is invited to his younger companion's college festivities, he must learn to fit in. Will his dad jokes and burger flipping skills land himself another blwjob? Or will they simply say OK Boomer and dab?  Written by Grace Widow and illustrated by Genue Revuelta.

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RAF_Cover Image_001.png
Morning Munchies_01_UPLOAD.jpg

Morning Munchies

Have it your way! Join the Queen in her food court while she has indulges the whims of her King and their silly little Jester.
Grace Widows brings you another instalment of fast food er*tica, this time with illustrations by Genue Revuelta. Drive thru and pick up this joyous meal for the soul.

Morning Munchies_02_UPLOAD.jpg
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