Short Comics

Retelling of the Legend of Mauao, a lonely mountain from the region where I grew up. I always loved the story of Mt Maunganui and wanted to share my version of it. I like to imagine Mauao later fell in love with the sea.
Long Exposure Guest Comic
A guest comic I made for 
Long Exposure by Mars Heyward
Dearest Reader
A little story about finding company on the road. This is an extract from the furries AU for Pecan and Joenie. You can read more about this story and others on the Cowboy Corner tab.
Hourly Comics '17
The year that Hourly Comics day happened on the same day as I went to a Panic! at the Disco concert.
For Wheat is Wheat
Possibly one of my most recognizable comics. The words of this comic come from Vincent Van Gogh. This comic was made many years ago while I was struggling with depression and the quote was something that helped me a lot at the time. [shop link]
Hair the Enemy
The dialogue about why Joenie shaves was written by my partner Genué and I thought it was cute so I made a comic. You can read more about them in the Cowboy Corner