My name is Kale de Wild and I'm an artist based in Auckland, New Zealand, working in animation. I studied at Animation College NZ, graduating with a Diploma in Applied Animation 2D, with Excellence and Diploma in Digital Media.


I currently work as a 2D character rigger, prop designer and animator at Mukpuddy. Along side animation, I am currently producing my on-going webcomic series Griefer Belt, funded by Patreon and Tapas. 

I love working with characters and character driven stories. I enjoy exploring ways to create strong emotional moments that engage with audiences.

Aside from animation and comics I also have an interest in house plants, pottery and video games. My current favourite game is Hades.

I am experienced with Adobe Animate, Adobe Photoshop, After Effects, InDesign, Procreate iPad, Clip Paint Studio, Paint Tool Sai, Wacom Cintiq, Rough Animator, Sketch Up.






  • Mukpuddy: 
    -Tales of Nai Nai 
    Animation, 2D Rigging and Props
    -The Adventures of Tumeke Space
    -The Drawing Show
    -Quimbo's Quest
    -Pipi Mā

  • Cinco Cine Film Productions Ltd
    -Tākaro Tribe
    Animation, 2D Rigging and Props

  • TVNZ
    -So This Happened


Comics and Zines

  • Griefer Belt
    Author and Illustrator

  • Pizza Night 
    Author and Illustrator

  • What If They Kissed? 
    Author and Illustrator

  • RA9 Charity Zine

  • Supernatural Art zine

  • Be More Chill Art zine

  • Long Exposure guest comic

  • Rock and Riot guest comic


  • Animation College NZ

  • Diploma in Applied Animation 2D, with Excellence

  • Diploma in Digital Media 

Kale de Wild

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